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review:YL Stress Away

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 by in HEALTH | 1 comment



If I could fall in love with a smell that was not coffee or chocolate….. it would be this:

Young Living’s Stress Away Essential Oil Roll-On

I love the convenience of a roll-on for quick application but would be more economical to buy it again in it’s 15ml bottle format.

Honestly, all I have to do is just simply smell this oil… and I’m instantly HAPPY and calm. It has such a smooth, warm, sweet scent the seems to evoke joyful memories. Perhaps it’s the vanilla in it. The Young Living site describes that the combination of the lime and the pure vanilla can be stress-relieving — and the copaiba and lavender to reduce  “mental rigidity and restore equilibrium”  along with the cedarwood … a general relaxation may be experienced.  Well …. I just know that it smells INCREDIBLE and does seem to push stress away! You can apply it to your neck, wrists, temples or you can of course diffuse it.  The whole house would smell divine.

What is in this essential oil blend?

Would I buy this again?

Without a doubt – yes.  Over and over again.  This one small product would be enough for me to not cancel my essential rewards program !  An extra special bonus is buying it when the Young Living Holiday Catalog comes out …. was beautifully wrapped along with the Deep Relief Roll-on which is also one of my top favorite products.


If you are curious about Young Living products and want to ask me any questions feel free to contact me.

If this review helped you and inspired you to want to become a YL member (to get wholesale prices) or to simply purchase as a retail customer – and you don’t already have another YL distributor helping you – you’ll need a Sponsor and Enroller ID# when you login. My ID# is 1304610 and can be popped into both fields.  Many thanks!

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  1. My absolute favorite!!!

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