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Karen Dahlquist is creating a NEW and exciting design curriculum series offered to the homeschool community that has never been seen before.  This unique design curriculum will appeal to both left and right brain thinkers and will be totally different than any “critical thinking” workbook or fine art class.  It will be extremely well organized featuring individual lessons with creative hands-on projects and challenges.  As we’re still in the development phase, not yet certain if each series will be a one-semester course or a year-long course.

Why would this benefit your students? No matter what field of study or career that you children will one day be faced with it will be one that changes rapidly and is extremely competitive.  Employees (and entrepreneurs) that succeed are ones that are able to not only be flexible and creative under pressure, but also be able to think for themselves in finding unique solutions to challenges, present their ideas and stand out from the crowd.  This kind of thinking is exactly what designers do best, regardless of genre.  This series of curriculum will benefit anyone –  not just those who wish to pursue design school!


Karen has been in the design industry for 26 years and has a Bachelor of Applied Design Degree with a Major in Interior Architecture.  She has studied textile design, fine art, interior architecture and graphic design.  Professional work experience includes various high-end interior and architecture firms, internet front-end development, graphic design for print collateral and products for various industries, project management, client relationships and most recently, book design and marketing for the photography industry.  She has lived and breathed art and design since she was a little girl with pens and sketchbook in hand and is excited to share her passion with you and your children!

Would you or your student like to explore:

  • the world of inter-disciplinary design
  • how to think like a designer
  • problem solving
  • criteria investigating
  • research & development
  • interviewing clients
  • mind-mapping
  • color theory
  • interior design
  • graphic design
  • product design
  • information design
  • fashion design
  • how to break through mental blocks
  • collaboration / teamwork skills
  • the A-HA process
  • on site sketching
  • textile design
  • elements of design
  • principles of design
  • the rules and how/when to break them
  • seeing the environment around you in new ways
  • visual presentation skills
  • model-building
  • brainstorming
  • how to impress clients
  • how to build a portfolio
  • photography
  • history of design
  • the difference between fine artists and the art of design
  • and MUCH MORE….

If this sounds like something that would be interesting or a valuable addition to your homeschooling experience – we’d love to hear from you!

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