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Welcome to the HappyFishSchool blog !

Our first year homeschooling!

Our homeschooling journey began in 2011 and we’ve been enjoying the wild ride ever since!

We have two kids – a 11 yr old daughter  and 7 yr old son. For the sake of privacy, this blog will call them Pebbles and BamBam. We have two furry basenji companions – Hana and Tiki.

We started this blog to share what we discover every day on this journey because I have realized that it’s important to share our resources and ideas with each other.  I want to give back as we’ve gained so much encouragement and inspiration from other families!! We thank our Lord and Savior daily for our freedoms that we enjoy and appreciate every moment – challenging or wonderful – that we experience as a family.



No life is long enough to discover all that we have been blessed with here in our amazing world.  When we dove into this – we thought we would just be gaining more quality time together as a family and be able to customize our curriculum to suit our children’s own unique learning styles and interests.  What has happened was more than we thought …. and are excited to share some of these ideas, fun activities, and inspirational moments with you.

My husband Chad is a professional photographer (commercial, weddings, families, kids – and we also run our own post-production and design company that serves professional photographers throughout the world – HappyFish Design. Our home is in Arizona in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.



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