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Beginning Journaling

Posted on Jul 31, 2016 by in LEARN | 0 comments


In trying to encourage BamBam to write on his own I created a jar of writing prompts to go along with his own custom journal. My parents kept my journals from when I was in K-grade 2 and it was an absolute joy to read the funny thoughts that I had at the time.  I could have waited to buy a booklet that had half open space for drawing – but I already had this one on hand. If he wishes to add a picture he can illustrate it on plain paper and we can glue it in along with it. Perhaps by the end of this year he can fill a page or more!

So far he’s been excelling at dictation story telling with detailed and action packed descriptions that we record in his book of Pirate stories.  While he’s not left wanting for the ideas and words – he needs the practice at writing on his own and allowing himself to try spelling without fear of getting it ‘wrong.’ Just let the words start flowing – we’ll cover spelling at another point and time in the day!

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