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Mystery of History – Vol. 1

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We’re back the second time around for Mystery of History – Volume 1! The last time we used this book was 6 years ago with our eldest! Gosh time flies……….. well, BamBam is ready for this now.

I welcome you to enjoy the links – but I’m honestly making this page for our son to quickly find a list of online resources himself as we work through the lessons. :) Was going to use GoogleDrive….. but this is easier and faster – no logging in.


FIRST QUARTER – lessons 1-27

PBS Noah’s Ark During the Flood (fresco)

Answers in Genesis Ark recreation

Dinosaurs: Creation/old earth

Sumerians: Headdress (photo)

PBS Construction of the Tower of Babel (fresco)

PBS Stonehenge

Minoan Civilization

Hammurabi – Code of Hammurabi (sculpture)

Israelites in Slavery

China & Shang Dynasty

The Ark & Tabernacle – 19th engraving

PBS Pyramids (login required)

PBS Pyramids at Giza

Amenhotep IV & Nefertiti

PBS King Tut (video)

PBS Ramses II

Legend of the Trojan Horse

Ruth & Naomi

Gideon – 15th C painting


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