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review: YL home diffuser

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 by in HEALTH | 0 comments


home diffuser

I redeemed a $40 credit towards this Young Living Home Diffuser and wasn’t sure how much I would use it really – but I was excited for it to arrive anyway!!  When it arrived, being very visual person, my first impression was what a pretty box it was! Loved the design of it. 😉

Opened it up and it was larger than I thought it would be from looking at the photo online. It came with a funny little foamy brush to clean it with.  It also came with a 5ML bottle of Citrus Fresh and 5ML bottle of PeppermintpeppermintI already had another bottle of Peppermint from my Starter Kit – but the Citrus Fresh was incredibly yummy smelling – like a blend of oranges and lemons all in one. I couldn’t wait to pop that one in this thing!! I bought a bottle of distilled water as recommended, especially too since our water here is so hard.  Just take off the clear top, and pour a tiny bit of water to the line inside and drop in about 8-10 drops of oil. The lid goes back on and push the button.

What happens next is a light comes on and the seafoam green plastic lights up !! Immediately a strong, visible steam starts shooting upwards! You can smell the aroma immediately and it’s wonderful! It runs for a while until the water is all gone and then it shuts off automatically. You’re supposed to clean the inside after with the little foam cone shaped brush – no soap !!


What I love to do is run it periodically throughout the house to keep the air clean, kill bacteria and airborne germs.  Mostly though I like the smell. :)  The funniest thing was how our dog Hana reacted to it.  She would lie near it and roll around on the carpet like a cat does in catnip – seriously. She does it EVERY TIME.  The other month I had a pretty bad flu and was lasting far too long so I just laid in bed away from everyone to keep my germs to myself and I ran that diffuser with Thieves essential oil in it as much as I could. The room smelled like cinnamon and cloves big time and I was just breathing it in and soaking in it! I think it helped me get over it – and nobody else caught the virus thankfully.


  • Combination humidifier, air purifier, atomizer and aromatherapy diffuser in one product
  • Safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors
  • Cool to the touch – no heat
  • quiet – all you can hear is the bubbling of the water with the ultrasonic technology
  • portable – just move it and plug it in somewhere else!


Really like this diffuser, would recommend it to others for sure and looking forward to trying different oils for fun. I love that I can freshen up the air in my home and get of germs without using synthetic sprays or products.


If you are curious about Young Living products and want to ask me any questions feel free to contact me.

If this review helped you and inspired you to want to become a YL member (to get wholesale prices) or to simply purchase as a retail customer – and you don’t already have another YL distributor helping you – you’ll need a Sponsor and Enroller ID# when you login. My ID# is 1304610 and can be popped into both fields.  Many thanks!



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