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Creative Writing through Dictation

Posted on Aug 12, 2016 by in CREATE, LEARN | 0 comments


Long before our son could write….. he could verbally tell the most detailed and action packed stories.  One day, I decided to record him using the “Voice Memo” utility on my phone while he was playing and creating his story ‘live.’ Later I would listen to the story and write what he said into a special book. Most of his stories revolve around high seas adventures and battles – with pirates, the Spanish – and the British. Most are more than 1 page – up to 6 pages so far. So I covered up a generic book and made a fun cover with paper. He was encouraged to illustrate his story with a drawing. At the beginning – even this was difficult in Kindergarten when we first began.  If I waited until he could write his own stories to this detail — these stories would have been completely lost. Extra bonus – we can listen to him tell these stories at the age that he was later in years! 😀 So sweet!



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