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review:Thieves Dental Floss

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 by in HEALTH | 1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALiking the idea of a dental floss that was saturated twice with the power of Thieves essential oil blend AND peppermint oil – I bought the “Thieves Dental Floss” to try.  Typically I love the Glide floss and over the years I sort of have that cringe factor with regular floss that rubs roughly or squeakily against my teeth.

What’s it like?

  • I like the case that it’s in, smooth and easy to operate with it’s flip top lid that fits nicely in your hand
  • floss cuts easily with the cutter blade
  • the floss itself is a warm white – super light beige maybe when all spun together
  • it smells very slightly like Thieves more than peppermint
  • the taste is super slight if at all – it is not like the flavored floss you get at the drugstore that you can really ‘taste’
  • the texture is smooth and feels like it’s coated a bit (which it is, but with oil not wax)
  • the shape of the floss is flat like Glide vs. a round string like in some Reach brands
  • unlike Glide the strand can separate, it’s not ‘solid’

How does it perform?

  • the floss works GREAT in that it has enough resistance to really scrape your teeth and get into your gums
  • anything you want off your teeth gets OFF – very effective
  • being used to a slick floss like Glide – the sensation does take some getting used to, can feel rough moving through
  • I honestly don’t know if there’s enough essential oil to do any therapy while running through for a few seconds 😉 ??
  • Young Living promotes the floss to be made out of ‘strong fibers that resist fraying and breakage’ – here is where I had issues. I have some teeth that are tight together. In these areas I instantly had fraying – and a lot of it. No breakage, but the fraying was a bit disappointing at how easily it occurred.
  • The Young Living site says that the essential oils help ‘freshen breath’ – well, good oral hygiene and regular flossing and brushing will help your breath of course, I just don’t know if the amount of oils on the floss would in itself give you fresh breath.

Would I buy it again?

Honestly, I don’t think so – at least for my teeth that are tight in areas.  If my teeth weren’t as tight in spots and floss ran more smoothly through everywhere – I for sure would. It’s grabbing power was very effective. I just can’t get over the fraying issue.





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  1. Thanks for the review, I have tight teeth also. I think i will hold off on this one.

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