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review: My Book of Thanks

Posted on Nov 3, 2013 by in CELEBRATE | 5 comments

A 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids – by Heather Bowen

Heather Bowen, of Upside Down Homeschooling,  has lovingly created this ADORABLE journal to inspire children to express what they are most grateful for during our Thanksgiving Season.

My Book of Thanks

There are two different age brackets for the journal, although I would purchase according to your own child’s handwriting ability – size of their letters, do they need a mid-line guide etc.

  • Pre-K to Grade 2 (fewer lines, larger lines with dotted mid-line printing guide)
  • Grade 3-6 (more lines to write on, no mid-line guide)
Page from the younger age bracket journal - showing the size of the writing lines.

Page from the younger age bracket journal – showing the size of the writing lines.

“My Book of Thanks” is a 29 page PDF that you can print out and bind in your own preferred manner. (binder with see-through cover insert option, hole punches with pretty ribbon, spiral bind etc.) There is a special title page on which your child can write their name and make it their own.  The pages have very friendly, colorful and modern graphics that the children will love – such as whimsical birds, bold leaves, pumpkins, flowers, pilgrims and more. Many pages include a Bible Verse that is on topic with the theme of gratitude.  There are some other quotes as well that are inspiring and will serve as great conversation starters with your children.  She suggests other ways that you can incorporate these verses and quotes as well into your school day.

The best aspect of this journal in my opinion, is that by expressing gratitude every day until Thanksgiving, your children’s hearts will be softened, they will appreciate everything more deeply and stop to reflect and thank God for their many blessings that normally go unnoticed in our busy lives.  At the end, they will have a keepsake that they will LOVE to re-read again when they are older.  I can’t wait to see what my kids will want to express….. :)

This precious journal keepsake can be purchased on Heather’s website: Upside Down Homeschooling

Looks like they have a price reduction of a mere $1.99 from $5.99 !  You simply could not illustrate, design and produce a journal on your own for that price considering how valuable time is for a homeschool family. Best to print it off and enjoy it than take hours, possibly days, creating one from scratch! ;D

It’s not too late to start – it’s only a couple days into November, and besides, gratitude is timeless !!



WIN A FREE “My Book of Thanks” PDF!

Heather has generously provided us with one copy per age bracket PDF  of her “My Book of Thanks – A 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids”


  • you can enter on our FACEBOOK PAGE by putting your name in the comments feed under ‘MY BOOK OF THANKS GIVE-AWAY’
  • you can enter by adding a comment below this post
  • Please put down WHICH PDF AGE BRACKET you are entering for. There will be only ONE per age bracket offered in this drawing.
  • I will email the winners Friday night with instructions on how to receive their e-book PDF download !!
  • one entry per person





DISCLAIMER:  HappyFish School is not responsible for the content in the e-book or it’s delivery.  I was given one copy of her e-book to honestly review and share my thoughts with you. She is a fellow homeschool mom and I’m proud to help support her creativity – she has a LOT of other great things to offer on her website as well! After I published this review, she graciously invited me to sign up for an affiliate link to use.




    • Thank YOU Heather for creating it and being so generous to share it with us! :) xo

  1. Day 1. My family.
    Day 2. God.
    Day 3. “wiseness”

    Love hearing my 4 yr old’s heart.

  2. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to see it!! I have a 9 year old.

  3. Congratulations to FB entrant DANA and website entrant KIM ! Enjoy the journal experience, I know we’re having fun with it as well. A big thank you of course to Heather Bowen of Upside Down Homeschooling, creator of the journal for offering the two PDF prizes ! :)

    The contest is now officially closed.

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