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Map of Caring & Sharing

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by in HEALTH, LEARN | 0 comments

smi_mapofsharingWe are starting a map to track recipients of our Samaritan Ministries Shares – handmade cards with a personal message with our ‘member share’ enclosed. Instead of a sense of dread that we used to have paying our monthly BCBS premium, we now are filled with prayerful love and joy sending our member share to a family with a real, publishable medical need ie. babies being delivered, surgeries, labs/tests etc. Members are all over the world but I expect that most will be mailed within the USA. We will add to this map as the months and years go by! We are new members and have now started after a couple months or so sending our cards directly to families vs. the administrative office. We can combine this with our Geography studies!


To read learn more about Samaritan Ministries you can read our honest description and review – and also visit their website for all details.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all, we’re happy to help.  If I have helped your family with this review, if you would be so kind to include my member number #60441 on your form as a referral that would be truly appreciated.  Samaritan Ministries is based on word of mouth and they do offer a small token credit off a member’s monthly payment if they have shared information about Samaritan Ministries with a new registering member.

We are still relatively new members and will keep adding more updates to our experience with Samaritan Ministries as we go! :)


UPDATE: December 2014 – for the third month in a row our monthly share was reduced! because there was more share money than needs again. God’s provision is something to be so thankful for !

UPDATE: January 2015 – 4th month in a row our monthly share was reduced by 17%!! I know this can’t last… but so thankful while it does.

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