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Ken Davis: Fully Alive

Posted on Jul 13, 2013 by in CELEBRATE, HEALTH, LEARN | 0 comments

Had to share this video with you!  Ken Davis: Fully Alive isn’t just another comedy of someone poking fun at their own life…. it reveals our own life in the process.   Are we living our lives by routine letting the days slip by? Do we pass up opportunity to stick with the comfy? What does it feel like to have a soul that’s fired up and embracing all that life is …. all of it – pain, fear, embarrassment, joy, abandon, grief…

What’s the difference of living…. and being alive?

Hind sight is 20/20 as they say and all too often we don’t look to our older generation as much as we should – they have a LOT to tell us that can radically change our perspective on life.  Ken Davis is a 65 year old Christian comedian who shares the milestones of his life on stage – from hilarious to the gut wrenching. It’s a roller coaster…. just as our human lives truly are.

The beginning is a little slow to get moving but stick with it til the end and you will be blessed. I feel that whether the viewer is Christian or not….. this movie is worthwhile watching and can impact your life if you take it to heart.  When I was watching it I couldn’t help but think of my own parents who are in their 70s now.  They are ALIVE …. they have so much fun together, never pass up an opportunity to discover something new.  In many ways they are more alive than we are getting stuck in our daily and weekly routines as the years are whipping by.  It’s never too late to change !!  Especially for those of us in our middle age, whether we go up or downhill from there is our own choice. Be brave and embrace adventure.


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