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july 4th yogurt pops

Posted on Jul 5, 2013 by in CELEBRATE | 0 comments

We love to make fun food for special holidays.   We found a pinterest link to someone who made 3-color white chocolate pudding pops – but we didn’t have any pudding! Isn’t of giving up…. we did have yogurt – plain Greek and a tiny bit of leftover Yoplait Vanilla yogurt. The Greek yogurt was a beautiful thicker white actually but less sweet of course than the yoplait.

We took three bowls for each color – red, white and blue.  Added food gel and red sparkly sugar for fun. Gathered small light plastic mouthwash Dixie cups.

To sweeten up the yogurt mix we added a little bit of sugar and stirred well. We first layered in the red yogurt, inserted a wooden spoon and froze for 20 mins. When the timer went off we layered in the white and used a smaller wooden stick to smooth and level it out. Froze for another 20 mins. Lastly, finished off with the blue yogurt. We set the timer for 2 hours and they were done !!

To get them to slide out we just sat them in a bowl of hot water for a minute and they came right out beautifully! ‘BamBam,’ who yesterday refused to eat a colored cupcake with bright icing… gleefully ate the entire yogurt pop. Pebbles enjoyed it…. but felt that she would have liked the pudding better, unless we sweetened up the plain Greek yogurt more than we did. 😉



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