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fashion party

Posted on May 16, 2014 by in CELEBRATE, CREATE | 0 comments


For Pebbles’ 9th birthday party last year she chose to have a FASHION PARTY and sleepover.

Snow Peak IGT tables easily seat 12 - great emergency solution !!

Snow Peak IGT tables easily seat 12 – great emergency solution !!

We had a ton of fun coming up with crafts for the girls to make along with creating a photo shoot complete with keepsake magazine cover. Decor was hot pink and black – streamers, balloons, tablecloths, bowls etc.  Invitations were designed by me and emailed out.  Signs and menus carried the same design concept and colors as well.  Added beautiful flowers that were fun and bright.  Pebbles had her heart set on a ‘fruit rainbow’ with marshmallows for clouds.  Our place is fairly small for so many friends so in order to them to sit together for dinner we put together all of our Snow Peak IGT tables for camping – and covered them with pink and silver thicker better quality gift wrapping paper! The cheap plastic table cloths were too slippy and see-thru and the paper worked much better with no ripping!

There were four stations around which the girls could rotate at will:


When all of the stations were visited we had a professional photo shoot outside with hubby’s lights etc where they could wear their creations along with other fun props.

After that we had pizza, opened presents, and had cake.  While the girls were playing and dancing with the JustDance wii I had time to plug in the photos of Pebbles with each friend into the magazine cover I had designed the week before.  Just had enough time for the girls who were getting picked up to get their covers into their bags – and had the rest of the night to complete the rest while the girls were in their jammies watching movies and stuff. Tons of fun ! Even though they were doing human pyramids til 3am.  Oh to be that age again!!! :)

To streamline the morning we made breakfast menus that the girls could check off what they wanted to have to eat and drink. Less wasted food and no ‘what did you want again??’ :)

I don’t think I thought to photograph them… but the goodie bags had tulle wrapped candies (pink jelly bellies, chocolates), a ‘dress’ notepad, an emery board, and their mask, scarf and jewelry they had made – oh, and their magazine cover photo.




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